Medical Type 3: Individual


Membership Information

A YMCA Medical Membership is one where the patient is referred to the YMCA by a physican. Typically, the referral comes as a result of a health diagnosis such as pre-diabetes, adult and child weight management, cancer, high blood pressure or the risk of falls due to age.

Each YMCA Medical Membership provides full YMCA access and benefits, care coordination with a YMCA health coach plus enrollment in one of our evidence-based health and wellness programs.

Joining Fee

Monthly Dues

A credit card is required to complete the purchase of a medical membership. However, the card will not be charged.

Member Age Range
Age: 18 years and older

Association Resource Center 801 Corporate Ctr Dr Ste 200 Raleigh, NC 27607-5243

Financial Assistance

The YMCA of the Triangle provides financial assistance for those who cannot afford the full cost of membership. Interested adults must complete a financial assistance application

Membership Changes

Visit your local YMCA or contact Customer Service at (919) 719-9989 to add additional people to your current membership.