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As we prepare your child for Summer 2021 it is critical that you complete your camper’s forms. Ensuring a safe summer will require a partnership among all of us, especially our parents. Our top priority is to keep our campers and staff safe. In light of our current reality with COVID-19, we have elevated our medical protocols, practices and guidelines using recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), American Camp Association (ACA), North Carolina State Health and Human Services, Pamlico County Health Department, and with guidance from our Camp Medical Advisory Committee. Our guidelines to keep Camp safe include requiring that all of these forms are completed.

You as a parent or guardian play an incredibly important role in ensuring your child’s success at Camp. We are all in this together, so the more that we know about each camper the more prepared we are to respond appropriately and meet their needs. We recognize that much of this is confidential information and can promise that it will be shared and used with the utmost discretion. If they are currently receiving treatment or counseling for emotional or behavioral issues please let us know in the forms that follow. You'll also be able to provide details and strategies for how we can best support your child on a day-to-day basis. We also ask that you let us know about any learning difficulties, bed-wetting issues, or a recent loss or major change in their life; this includes, but is not limited to autism, hyperactivity, depression, self-harm, or an eating disorder. Together, we can make certain that your child has an amazing and productive time while at Camp.


All camper forms should be completed through the Online Portal by Friday, March 26, 2021. This due date is for ALL FORMS unless otherwise noted below.

We strongly recommend reading the guidelines below before getting started. 

Take it slow!
During the beta launch of the Online Portal, our parents who found the most success were those who were not in a hurry. The Online Forms Portal has A LOT of information with very detailed instructions to help guide you toward success through the new process.

Calling all returning campers
We heard your feedback last year and have built in many of your suggestions along the way. You will see the most asked for improvement right away; as you step through the portal, most of the fields will already be populated with information you provided last year.
It has been QUITE a year, so please be sure to read over each of the auto-filled questions to ensure they are still correct. Each form will still need your signature, acknowledging that you have reviewed and made any changes needed.

You do not have to complete this process in one sitting.
Information can be saved as you go, and you can return to any sections you skip when it is convenient for you.  

Completing your forms electronically.
Our Camp Forms Portal is best experienced on a desktop, laptop or tablet device using Safari, Firefox or the latest version of Internet Explorer. 

Not recommended.
For display purposes, we do not recommend using Google Chrome or your smartphone. You will be able to submit your information, but it will be more difficult and frustrating to navigate.

Online Forms Portal - Camper Forms  

Choose your Camper
Forms need to be completed for each child attending Camp.

Camper Photo
Upload a profile photo of your child so we can recognize them on opening day. A photo is recommended, but not required. We suggest a square, "yearbook" style photo.

Camper Information
The Camper Information is an opportunity for you to share with us a brief description of your child, goals or concerns you have.

Emergency Contacts 
Emergency Contacts are individuals other than a parent who are at least 21 years old. We require two contacts with at least one phone number each.

Health Summary
The Health Summary should be a review of current health conditions such as allergies and dietary restrictions. For this section, you will need your child's doctor information along with any special care and conditions.

Health History Form
The Health History Form will give you an opportunity to describe additional health information or areas we should be aware to in more detail.

Camper Physical Form
The Camper Physical is a printable document that should be completed and signed by your child's physician or doctor's office. Each camper is required to have a physical within one year of their first day at Camp.
Note: If your insurance carrier will not cover an annual physical until after March 26, all other forms are still due by March 26 and you must request an extension for your Camper Physical form on the last step.

Upload Documents
There are documents that we'll ask you to individually scan, save and upload to your child's record in this section. These items can no longer be attached to an email and sent Camp.

Required for all Campers:
Camper Physical Form
Proof of Immunizations

Required when applicable:
Mental Well-Being Care Plan
Parental Agreements or Orders
Proof of Payment for Unaccompanied Minor Travel Fees

Forms Status & Submission
At the end of each section you will be given a chance to review the information provided on each page in summary form. This is also the opportunity to see if you have missed a question where we require an answer or acknowledgement.

Once ALL sections have been completed, your last step will be to Send Your Forms to Camp. If there are important items missing, we'll ask you to finish these before you are able to send your forms. This final submission will notify Camp that information in your portal has been finalized and you are ready for it to be reviewed by our staff.

At any time, you can return to your portal to check the review status of your forms to see if they have been approved. If there are any issues with the forms you have submitted, the Camp Office staff will contact you directly.

Have Questions?
Throughout the Forms Portal process and even into Summer while your child is with us, the Helpful Links and Contact Us sections in the left menu will always be visible in case you need help along the way.  You can find contact information for our staff, answers to Frequently Asked Questions and links to additional resources.


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