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All Forms are due March 1, 2024

You do not have to complete this process in one sitting. Information can be saved as you go, and you can return to any sections you skip when it is convenient for you.

Our Forms Portal is best experienced on a desktop, laptop or tablet device using the latest version of Safari, Firefox, Chrome or Edge. For display purposes, we do not recommend using a small mobile device such as your smartphone.


Online Forms Portal - Camper Forms

Choose your Camper
Forms need to be completed for each child attending Camp.

Camper Photo
Upload a profile photo of your child so we can recognize them on opening day. A photo is recommended, but not required. We suggest a square, "yearbook" style photo.

Camper Information
The Camper Information Form is an opportunity for you to share with us a description of your child, goals or concerns you have.

Cabin Placement
We require a cabin placement form for all campers, even if you do not have a specific cabinmate request.

Permission to Leave
Complete this form to acknowledge our visitation policy and to indicate who is allowed to check out your child for a pre-approved situation.

Emergency Contacts
Emergency Contacts are individuals other than a parent who are at least 21 years old. We require two contacts with at least one phone number each.

Health Summary
The Health Summary should be a review of current health conditions such as allergies and dietary restrictions. For this section, you will need your child's doctor information, insurance/ prescription policy detail, along with any special care and conditions.

Health History
The Health History Form will give you an opportunity to describe additional health information or areas we should be aware to in more detail.

Camper Physical
The Camper Physical is a printable document that should be completed and signed by your child's physician or doctor's office. Each camper is required to have a physical within one year of their first day at Camp.

All participants must indicate how they are arriving and departing Camp even if you are providing your own transportation. If your child will be traveling by air or on one of our charter buses, you will have an opportunity to purchase these options in this section.
There is no airport shuttle or charter bus service in to Camp on any Opening Days. There will be an airport shuttle to Raleigh, NC and New Bern, NC on Closing Days for First Session/ Mariners II and Second Session/ Mariners IV. Charter bus service to select cities is also available on Closing Days for most two and four-week sessions.

Upload Documents
There are documents that we'll ask you to individually scan, save and upload to your child's record in this section.

Forms Status and Submission
When ALL sections have been completed, your last step will be to Send Your Forms to Camp. If there are important items missing, we'll ask you to finish these before you are able to send your forms. This final submission will notify Camp that information in your portal has been finalized and you are ready for it to be reviewed by our staff.
At any time, you can return to your portal to check the review status of your forms to see if they have been approved. If there are any issues with the forms you have submitted, the Camp Office staff will contact you directly.


Have Questions?
Throughout the Forms Portal process and even into Summer while your child is with us, the Contact Us section in the left menu will always be visible in case you need help along the way. You can find contact information for our staff, answers to Frequently Asked Questions and links to additional resources.



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